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is the fiber "virgin" or "regenerated/recycled/upcycled"? 

polyester fiber can be either virgin (New), recycled/regenerated, or a mix and each has their own benefit and cost and can impact product performance over time

  • virgin- fiber created from PET (non-post consumer) which is ethylene primarily derived from petroleum

  • recycled/regenerated- post-consumer or post- industrial polyester used as the primary ingredient. It is important to note that there are varying grades of recycled fiber quality

    • certifications like GRS now enable companies to verify recycling claims and market them in a world increasingly concerned with sustainability​

is the fiber blown or garneted?  

fiber can be further divided into 2 basic types (with limited exceptions) & multiple variations:

  • blown- short fibers, microdeniers, or cluster fibers blown into a product to simulate the feel and performance of down (in most cases blown fibers cost more) 

  • garneted- longer fibers that have been combed and garneted into a batt which is inserted into the product (an exception to the cost of garneted vs. blown fibers is a "continuous filament fiber" )

Hospitality Recycled Fiber Icons 3.20-04
blown fiber.jpg
blown fiber close.jpg
garneted fiber.png
garneted fiber close.jpg
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