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what is air permeability?

Air permeability is the volume of air that can pass through a given area of fabric at a given pressure. This quality indicator is used to determine “down proofness” of fabric. 

  • Cotton fabrics between 2 – 8 cfm are often considered “down proof”

  • Air permeability is especially important in hospitality and on any products that are compressed or vacuum packed.

    • hospitality rooms can't be covered with down and feather fiber that leaks through the fabric surface

    • vacuum packing certain products can draw fibers through the fabric during transit 

measuring and testing air permeability

A fabric samples is clamped over a test chamber in an air permeability testing device (at right)

  • a fan is adjusted to bring the differential pressure to a set point (for calibration).

  • the pressure reading is then recorded.

  • this is repeated multiple times randomly across the fabric and the final value (in CFM typically) is the average of all readings.

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air perm test.png
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